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Our Expertise in Industrial Water Jetting

At NRC Industrial and Environmental, we are immensely proud of our expertise in industrial water jetting.

Renowned for its efficiency and versatility, our approach, also known as hydrojetting, involves the skilled use of high-pressure water streams.

This method is crucial for cleaning, maintaining, and preparing a wide array of surfaces and structures in various industrial contexts.

High-Pressure & Ultra-High-Pressure Jetting Capabilities‚Äč

Our advanced high-pressure jetting equipment operates at an impressive 16,000 psi, utilising 64 litres per minute. In addition, we offer ultra-high-pressure (UHP) jetting services at a remarkable 36,000 psi, with a flow rate of 140-150 litres per minute.

This extensive range of capabilities enables us to handle diverse tasks adeptly, from cleaning intricate components such as heat exchangers, tube bundles, and tanks to precision cutting robust materials like concrete and steel.

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High-Pressure & Ultra-High-Pressure Jetting Capabilities

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Why Choose NRC Industrial & Environmental?

Choosing NRC Industrial & Environmental for your industrial water jetting needs ensures you partner with a company that has extensive experience, possesses the right equipment, and highly trained personnel. Our expertise and comprehensive range of services exemplify the ideal qualities of a service provider in this field.

Industrial water jetting is an indispensable service in the industrial sector, known for its safety, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. This method is a standout choice for various cleaning, maintenance, and preparation tasks due to its versatility and effectiveness.

At NRC Industrial & Environmental, we ensure our clients receive the best industrial water jetting solutions. Contact our team today to discuss how we can help with your project.

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