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Highway drainage is essential for safe and efficient infrastructure. Our highway drainage services can prevent flooding, erosion, and damage to the road. The installation and maintenance of drainage systems reduce the risk of accidents and improves driving conditions, making highways safer and more reliable. Our services also benefit highway infrastructure by extending the lifespan of drainage infrastructure and reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements.

Highway Drainage Services Offered:

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Data Processing Arc GIS & CAD software

Our team is composed of skilled engineers trained in CCTV coding processing, Arc GIS data analysis, and AutoCAD. To create our survey reports, we utilise the cutting-edge software of Wincan VX, enabling us to meet the evolving requirements of Highways England DDMS (formerly HADDMS).

Our DDMS survey reports are thorough and detailed, presented in an electronic format tailored to our client’s preferences, and include a complete record of the survey with live CCTV footage.

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