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GPS & GNSS Drain Mapping Surveys

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GPS Drain Mapping

GPS & GNSS Underground Asset Inspections

Our highly trained drainage experts use GPS and GNSS mapping technology to detail accurate and reliable drain mapping and layout plans.

Our drain mapping assists commercial, construction, local authority, highways, civil, rail and industrial sectors in the North West and across the UK.

What Is GPS & GNSS Drain Mapping?

Highly Accurate Drainage Asset Mapping

Drain mapping or asset mapping are detailed and precise drainage layout plans.

Our GPS equipment uses a network of satellites to triangulate a receiver’s location delivering data to accurately map out positions of pipes, manholes and gullies. We can also determine the size, depth, elevation data and flow direction of drainage system pipes.

Using GPS & GNSS UK network coverage, alongside local Real Time Kinematic (RTK) fix solutions, we provide centimetre accuracy for drainage asset locations.

Our state of the art equipment can build 2D & 3D modeling of underground assets, allowing us to deliver HADDMS for Highways England’s Network.

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nrc wws gps drainage services

GPS Drainage Layout Plans

Detailed GPS Underground Survey Reports

We combine GPS mapping & GNSS mapping with high-resolution camera inspections, to build out detailed reports that accurately pin point any issues or potential problems, with the highest accuracy.

We accurately pin point and map out in detail the location of key drainage system features such as drainage pipes, manholes, gullies and structures. Alongside accurate location data, flow direction, and elevation changes.

Why Do I Need A GPS Mapping Survey?

How NRC's GPS Mapping Helps you

When underground drainage systems are mapped accurately and in detail, developers and city planners can use the information to make appropriate and informed decisions on repairs, expansions, and inspections.

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Our Approach to Drain Surveys​

Detailed Technical GPS Underground Surveys

At NRC we follow a few fundamental stages, so you can trust that every step of the survey process is carried out by our team of experts, with the highest levels of precision and attention to detail.

Aftercare & Commercial Drain Services

Our Drain Services Supporting Surveys & GPS Mapping

As full service commercial drainage contractors, here at NRC we provide a complete range of solutions to repair, restore back to full efficiency, or completely replace commercial drain systems.

Our services include cctv drain surveys, DDMS, drain jettingdrain relining and sewer relining, drain patching, precision drain cutting & tanker cleaning.

We manage all aspects of our operations safely and efficiently whilst protecting the environment, preventing injury and providing services that exceed client expectations.


Our Clients

Why Choose NRC for GPS Drain Mapping?

If you need reliable and accurate GPS mapping and surveys for your drainage system, we provide:

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