Drain Cutting & Root Cutting​

Robotic Drain Cutting of Commercial Sewers

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What is Commercial Drain Cutting?

Precision Robotic Drain Cutting

Commercial drain cutting enables our engineers to accurately remove partial or total pipe blockages, root intrusion cutting, and restoring proper function of a commercial drainage system. Drain cutting also allows us to eliminate certain structural concerns that develop in some pipes.

At NRC our team of highly experienced engineers use high spec, commercial grade robotic cutting equipment to navigate complex pipe systems, and cut through obstructions with high accuracy found in commercial pipes and drains.

We deliver highly effective, non-invasive trenchless drain repairs using our robotic drain cutters to repair damaged sewer systems, without disruption, nationwide.

Applications of Drain Cutting

Root Intrusion & Extreme Blockages in Sewers

Our industry leading, highly powered equipment can cut through all types of materials, with the highest accuracy, to completely clear blocked drains. Whether root removal, cutting back intruding connections or removing difficult and complicated obstructions.

Root intrusions can grow into pipes through connection joints, or via pipe distortions. Using robotic drain cutters, we remove all drain root intrusion, often up to 100% root ingress. Following a heavy root intrusion, some pipe systems may benefit from a full restoration with drain relining.

Often due to heavy usage and exposure to a wide range of waste materials in commercial sewer systems, pipes can distort, leading to blockages and impacted drainage flow. We remove distorted or collapsing sections of pipe with failing structural integrity, to again prepare for full restoration with drain relining.

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What Can Drain Cutting Unblock?

What Types of Pipes Can You Clear?

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Benefits of Drain Cutting


Equipped with an extensive range of drain cutters our experienced team quickly and efficiently restore drains with all kinds of obstructions, in pipes of all shapes and sizes.

We only use the best of commercial grade robotic milling equipment, fitted with diamond cutting heads to remove even the most stubborn of obstructions.

Supporting Commercial Drain Services

Our Drain Services That Support Drain Cutting

As full service commercial drainage contractors, here at NRC we provide a complete range of solutions to repair, restore back to full efficiency, or completely replace commercial drain systems.

Our operatives support all stages of the robotic drain cutting process with CCTV survey before and after completing any works, to confirm full pipe restoration. In some cases, we recommend drain lining, patch or full length, to protect and strengthen a damaged area of drain.

Our services include cctv drain surveys, drain relining and sewer relining, drain patching & tanker cleaning.

We manage all aspects of our operations safely and efficiently whilst protecting the environment, preventing injury and providing services that exceed client expectations.

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