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Drainage Data Management System

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What is a DDMS Survey?

DDMS, or Drainage data management system surveys (formerly known as a HADDMS survey) are carried out if there is a suspected blockage in sewage systems or pipes. Essentially, it’s an examination of the sewage system to determine if there are any potential weaknesses that could lead to blockages. It is also used to detect flooding and collapses in the sewer network.

The process uses high-tech Wincan software along with our DDMS CCTV robotic crawlers to capture all internal images of a drainage network. 

Our highly skilled engineers receive a live feed which allows us to thoroughly inspect drainage systems, identify any problems, and produce a full drainage survey.

What Do Our DDMS Surveys Involve?

At NRC we acknowledge that each project has its own unique requirements, and therefore we offer tailored drainage data management system surveying services that cater to your specific needs.

Using cutting-edge technology, our DDMS services can offer detailed and precise information about your drainage systems. Surveys provide a comprehensive picture of their location, size, and condition and are essential for managing and maintaining drainage systems.

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Benefits of a DDMS Survey

If you want to ensure the long-term efficiency of a drainage system, DDMS surveys or HADDMS surveys are an invaluable tool.

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Why Choose NRC for DDMS Drainage Data Management Survey (HADDMS)

If you’re looking for comprehensive and accurate DDMS surveys for your drainage systems, NRC offers:

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